Leading the national market of custom-made wallpapers.​

House Frame is a leading company in the Portuguese national market, creating wallpaper with photographic images, original and exclusive illustrations, which privileges a personalized service. (we have the company history too)


Aesthetics through decoration

House Frame transforms interior spaces through the decoration of walls with comfort and aesthetics, durability and differentiation with contemporary products that respect the environment. The company seeks to have a differentiated offer of value (products) that is accessible to all its customers. To keep its audience and attract new loyalty, House Frame maintains a proactive commercial approach nationally and intends to reach the European market in the same way. Its internal organization is carried out through five employees in a constant search for efficiency in favor of an optimized service. Thus, House Frame strives to offer the best experiences in the industry to its customers, increasing their satisfaction, retaining them and, in the same way, attracting new customers.

It is important to mention characteristics such as: your product is certified for being fire-retardant, for its composition and for the particularity of being washable, thus ensuring notoriety in the market. Another specificity lies in the ability to decorate different walls for the same final value. This is only possible because the paper is printed on a panel and not on a roll, as is common with other brands.

House Frame is also a reference for being the only representative in Portugal of the following partner brands in the same sector: Gaudi, Anaglypta and Slate Lite.

houseframe vision

Inspire quality

House Frame aims to be a leader in the market where it operates. It seeks to be an inspiration through its product and its conduct in respect of the environment. It aims at a constant evolution and fulfillment in defense of the satisfaction of its customers.

In short, to be a pioneer in the market, promoting the circular economy, with an awareness of the environment, refined aesthetics, technological innovation and good quality combined with its products.


Guiding principles

House Frame follows some guiding principles regarding its employees, customers and its contribution to the environment.

It is important to talk about the values by which it is governed, since these are the identifying image of the brand, with regard to its competition.

Here are our brand values:


Custom wallpapers that you won't find anywhere else

We’re leaders in the national market of custom-made wallpaper, giving emphasis to the quality and originality of each one of our pieces, offering a unique service to our clients.

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